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I first met Greg Turner at a networking presentation when he explained during his presentation, that his printer permitted printing to occur from overseas. I am a family lawyer and a sole practitioner and I immediately realised how useful this would be when I travel on leave or for family law conferences. Prior to my purchase of my new printer from Toner Printer, I would spend hours when I got back printing correspondence and emails. Now when I return, it is all there in my intray and only needs filing – this is an invaluable tool for me. Besides this benefit, I am also pleased with the quality of my printer – I previously had an Officeworks printer and it is nothing like my new printer which is quieter and more efficient and the savings on my cartridges is immense. Finally, I had my first paper jam recently and Greg immediately came to my home office on the very same day and fixed the problem in seconds. I am so appreciative of his helpful, pleasant attitude. I can’t recommend this printer highly enough and am impressed at the service I have received from Toner Print.

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It’s taking care of those trusting you and your product to deliver what you’ve promised. And being able to talk to a real person when things don’t go according to plan. Through great people and clever technology, we do exactly what we promise, so that you can start, print and relax.

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