Managed Printing Services

Benefits of Managed Printing Services

  • By streamlining printing processes, reducing printing charges, and centralizing vendors, managed printing services help you cut back on unnecessary costs. 
  • Centralize your printing needs and integrate them with your digital prints so that all the important documents are stored in the same secure place. 
  • Don’t waste your time manually ordering printing equipment and toners. Get the process automated with our managed printing services.  

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Short-term Rental


Even if printing systems are not a part of your everyday business activities, you might still need them for a short period, especially if you are hosting a special event. Printers could come in very handy during exhibitions, seminars, workshops, charity events, trade shows, conventions, etc. 

 It doesn’t make sense to buy a new printer for only a few days. That’s why at Toner Print, we offer printers for short-term rentals. Book a printer whenever you need it and pay only for the days you use it. 

  • We have every type of modern printer you might need. Just state your requirements, and we will find the perfect match for you. 
  • Our short-term renting durations are completely customizable. Choose as many days as you need to rent it for and only pay for selected dates. 
  • We offer the latest printers capable of meeting a diverse range of printing needs. From smartphone integration to air printing, share the services you expect, and we will design the perfect plan for you. 
  • We do not limit short-term printer rentals by quantity. Order as many as you need; we will supply without fail.  
  • Renting printers from Toner Print is hassle-free. We get it delivered to your doorstep, help you with the installation process and answer all the queries you might have regarding its operations. 
  • We offer the best prices on short-term printer rental. All our plans are 100% customizable, and you only pay for the features you use. 

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Finance Solutions


Need a new printing system for your office without paying the whole amount up front? We have the perfect financing plans for you.  

 We understand that you might not always have the funds to pay for essential office equipment upfront, but that shouldn’t hinder your workflow. Our financing plans cover all the types of printers in our range and are 100% customizable. Pay what you can afford monthly and create an EMI plan that works for you.  

Why Choose Us?

  • Customizable financing plans for businesses and printing systems of all sizes
  • Phone and email support available to negotiate and tailor a plan that suits your needs
  • Timely printer delivery by our friendly technical team 

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